Cover Reveal: Dark Territory by L.K. Manegold

Publisher: CHBB
Release date: October 1st 2013

The house had always scared Gemma when she visited; there was an invisible energy that lingered there and something just seemed off. There was something different about Brenner as well, as if he weren’t human either but she never dared ask. He was human, just not entirely or he was involved with something inhuman. This didn’t matter to Gemma as Brenner was someone she still felt she could trust. She climbed the old steps to the front door, closed her eyes, and prepared to knock…

L.K. Manegold is an author of dark fantasy and erotic suspense. She loves to dive into the world of the forbidden and bring out the things that most wouldn’t speak of. When she’s not writing or thinking of new, dark ideas, she is spending time with her husband and three children; she has her Bachelor’s in Psychology and loves to pick at the brains and see what makes people tick.

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